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Monthly Sky View

This is a full view of the night sky for the current month as viewed from Stow, Ma.


A real time sky chart provided by

Bi-Weekly Ephemeris Tables

Bi-Weekly Ephemeris information on all the planets based on Stow, Ma. at 9pm Eastern Standard Time.

Lunar Phase Calendar

This Java applet displays the Lunar Phase for each day of the month in a standard calendar format. Applet courtesy Raingod

2007 Lunar Phases

This is the list of the Lunar Phases for the year 2007. 

Monthly Galilean Moon Events

A monthly list of Galilean moon events for the 4 primary moons of Jupiter. The table includes occulation, eclipse, shadow and transit information.

Common Deep Sky Objects

A list of Deep Sky objects that are known by a common name. Many objects on this list are favorites at our public star parties. Please note that not all of the objects on the list, are visible from the northern hemisphere.

Equinoxes & Solstices

This is the table of equinox and solstice time and dates in Eastern Standard and Eastern Daylight times. The table covers years 2002 through 2020

Perihelion & Aphelion

This is the table of Perihelion and Aphelion Dates and time for the years 2002-2020

Virtual Mars

An applet written by Edward R. Hobbs that allows you to take a virtual tour of the red planet from the comfort of your web browser. The applet even calculates the angle of sunshine on the planet based on it's rotation and is updated every 5 minutes.

Orrery Simulator

A basic Orrery simulator showing the relative motion of the planets around the sun. Although not mathematically perfect, the simulator provides a good representation of the relative motion. Applet courtesy Raingod

Current Day & Night

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The world map is from Mac OS system software. Copyright by Apple Computer Inc.


Jupiter's moons in real time

click on a moon or jupiter for detailed information

The applet was written by Gary Nugent